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New Server=New Guild Bank

Zakk Kenobi, Jul 14, 12 2:46 PM.
Alright Rebels, now that we're on a new server and we have a lot more active members we need to start focusing on group organization. We also need a new guild bank. It costs 600,00 credits so if anyone can contribute just send as much as you can spare to me or Daveo in the game. If anyone has any suggestions on group oranization just mail Daveo or myself in the game or start a forum on our website! 

Guild Bank!

Zakk Kenobi, Apr 13, 12 10:00 PM.
Thanks to the generous contributions from General KingJoker and Jedi Master DaveO, we already have a guild bank set up called RWAC Financial. It already has money in it for repairs, materials for crafting, and a some gear. Feel free to withdraw what u need and use the bank for repairs from now on. Check out the bank tab for the details about the rules of withdraws and deposits!

Back in the Saddle Again!

Zakk Kenobi, Feb 14, 12 2:07 PM.
Well Bioware finally decided to answer my tickets and pass guild leadership over to me... So let's get things moving! Head on over to the FORUMS and let me know when you're usually on so we can startorganizing runs and Warzones.

Guild Created 10/10/2011

Zakk Kenobi, Oct 10, 11 3:53 AM.
I just created Rebels Without a Cause in BETA. Now just waiting for my officers to have game access so we can start runnin shit!


Zakk Kenobi, Oct 9, 11 12:15 AM.
Chosen for Beta Testing!!!! Game looks amazing so far. No disappointments =)
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Jedi Consular (100)
Jedi Knight (50)
Smuggler (150)
Trooper (200)
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